Job Description

As an IC validation engineer your main mission will be to design, plan and perform tests for evaluating and benchmarking electronic producs, in particular state-of-the-art pioneering 3D depth sensing sensors and cameras. These tests can be relative to production tests or to research studies.

You will master the use of the standard and in-house electrical and optical lab equipment to execute the measurements and retrieve the desired results. Python is used as the language to automate the interaction between the different equipments and systems.

For efficiency, you will spend time on the automation of the measurements, the analysis and the reporting. Therefore, good software skills are a key asset.

In cooperation with other teams, you will perform an authoritative review of the results, providing conclusions with evidences. Your conclusions might result in innovative ideas that can be filed as Sony patents.

Core tasks

  • Supported by other colleagues, you will perform planning, analysis and reporting of the performance of the 3D image sensors and cameras.
  • You implement, automate and execute tests to reach the project’s milestones.
  • You identify bugs and problems during the whole product lifetime to allow the implementation of corrective actions.
  • You are involved in the early phases of the IC design to review its testability and specifications.
  • You will collaborate in the research, study and design of new 3D image sensors and cameras.


  • You have a master’s degree in EE or Computer Engineering (or in a related field). A relevant PhD is an asset.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are open to work in an R&D international environment.
  • You have experience in:
    • Measuring analog and digital circuits.
    • Python or other scientific computing languages.
    • Hands-on lab work (oscilloscopes, signal generators, soldering, …).
  • Experience in the following domains is an asset :
    • PCB design.
    • Working in a semiconductor environment.
    • Image sensors and electro-optical characterization.
    • Mathematics/Statistics proficiency.
    • Eye safety evaluation tests.
  • You are analytical and have a problem-solution approach.
  • You are eager to learn and to show your own initiative.
  • You enjoy challenges.
  • You are creative.
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